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      Educational Institute (EI) Certification Programs Create Efficient and Cost Effective Ways to Train Your Staff

      April, 2013

      Educational Institute (EI) Certification Programs Create Efficient and Cost Effective Ways to Train Your Staff

      Any hotel, hospitality business or lodging facility should use certification programs to constantly train and retrain their employees. As older employees transition out of their "usual" roles, and as newer employees come onboard, there is not always a direct connection or a protocol in place that helps these transitioning employees get the proper training they need to be safe and effective hotel staff.

      For the new staff, it's learning a new skill the right way the first time. In assisting the older employees with their new roles, many times the "proper way" was never shown to these seasoned veterans in the first place. So, at every juncture, the opportunity to properly train employees using certification programs exists within any lodging or hospitality facility. At worst, many hotels and restaurants simply shuffle employees around and "hope for the best" or put the more experienced employees on training to show the newer staff the ropes. At best, by employing EI training programs, certification, and distance learning, you can get your employees the most up-to-date training information that's both accurate and efficient. This is exactly what they need to be both exemplary employees and to increase your guest's satisfaction levels dramatically.

      By using the Educational Institute's certification programs, not only can you rely on consistent information to train your staff, but you can also tap into 60 years of experience that has made the Educational Institute the 'go-to' resource for training programs and certifications for the world's top hotel chains and other successful hospitality establishments.

      Some of Educational Institute's popular certification programs:

      Certified Food and Beverage Executive CFBE

      Certified Food and Beverage Executive certification programs create a consistent format through the EI by providing world class educational materials, dedicated food and beverage training and other resources to make this aspect of your business super-efficient and highly profitable. The CFBE holds a place of honor in the industry and demonstrates the executive's knowledge and experience in this important component to your businesses success and profitability. Click here to learn more about the Certified Food and Beverage Executive certification programs.

      Certified Hotel Administrator CHA

      By achieving the honor of being a "CHA Certified Hotel Administrator" you can add this to your list of accomplishments as a hotel general manager or hospitality executive. A CHA is part of an elite group of hospitality professionals with the education, experience, drive and determination to be recognized as a leader in the hospitality industry. This high level of expertise is globally recognized internationally as a highly respected level of professionalism, which adds to your credentials and validates your advanced knowledge in hotel and hospitality industry. Lodging professionals are recognized with a CHA as leaders whose knowledge and managerial abilities are exemplary. Achieving the CHA certification announces that you have a place among the best in your profession, are abreast of current trends and latest hospitality protocols. This certification can advance your current and future career opportunities inside the hotel and lodging industry. Click here to learn more about the Certified Hotel Administrator certification programs.

      Certified Lodging Security Director CLSD

      Security at your hotel or resort is paramount to your guest's safety. By enrolling your security personal in CLSD certification programs you can mitigate many risks that surround your security protocols at your business. Safety is everyone's concern, however the Director of Security at your hotel or hospitality business assumes a crucial role. The security executive can gain the honor of being Certified Lodging Security Director (CLSD), which is the most prestigious certification available in this class of certifications. Globally recognized, the CLSD is a highly respected professional credential that validates your advanced knowledge in the hospitality industry and puts the emphasis on safety awareness and safety procedures that dramatically minimize potential holes in your security systems. Click here to learn more about the Certified Lodging Security Director program.

      Certified Rooms Division Executive CRDE

      Rooms are the focal point of any hospitality business. If the rooms are immaculate and neat, the guests respond with higher customer satisfaction and return rates. By certifying your Rooms Division Executive as a CRDE, your director of rooms will achieve the most prestigious certification available to management rooms' division executive. Hospitality professionals in this elite group have combined education, experience and dedication to the industry and have achieved a high level of expertise that focuses attention on every detail and aspect of a great customer experience. Achieving the CRDE certification announces that you have a place among the best in your profession, and that you are paying close attention to the latest industry trends and the latest hospitality protocols. A CRDE designation can also further your career goals and advance your career in any hotel or hospitality business. Click here to learn more about Certified Rooms Division Executive certification programs.

      Certification programs offered by the Educational Institute are well known throughout the industry as the 'standard of excellence' and can make your career in the hospitality industry soar to new heights! Select certification Programs to browse our full list of certifications available.

      April, 2013

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