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      Eye on Awareness Security Training Program May Lower Security Risks at Hotels

      June, 2013

      Eye On Awareness Hotel Security Training

      Many hotels have security personnel. But they cannot be everywhere at once. Many times a housekeeper or valet will see something suspicious and can report the activity to a manager (who can alert the police or escalate the report to senior security personnel). In fact, a property's front-line employees may be the most crucial, yet often overlooked, element of effective hotel security. 

      Security training is a vital component of your staff's overall employee training. By introducing line-level staff members to the concept of being more alert and aware of security concerns, you add more eyes to your security protocols. More watchful eyes on suspicious room activity, unusual things occurring in your lobby, and “red flag” activity in the parking lot and non-public areas can help guests and employees to be safer. 

      Because security training is such an important aspect of any hotel operation the Educational Institute (EI) has developed the "Eye On Awareness®" online security training program. Eye On Awareness® is easy to implement and offers a low cost/high impact solution to educating your staff on 'what to look for' to increase the security aspects of your property. The Eye On Awareness® program was developed in partnership with some of the best  international security experts and hospitality leaders in the country, in conjunction with the  U.S. Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign. The Eye on Awareness® Hotel Security Training from EI provides the essential skills and increased knowledge that allows hotel employees and staff to recognize and report suspicious actions at your property. The program trains employees and staff on how to react to curious situations on your property and make the appropriate reports to management.

      Eye on Awareness® includes fully interactive, multi-media lessons enhanced by review questions that assess comprehension. Your employees are required to attain a 100% score to successfully complete the program. There is no compromise with security training and everyone must participate. Eye On Awareness® is available for purchase through the online store—click here to purchase. The value of this training cannot be underestimated. A few hours of your staff's time can add up to untold hours saved in case of a criminal activity crisis or if a crime is committed on your property.

      Hotels are at high risk of criminal activity. Therefore increased security training is protection and has a real ROI. Dollars invested in security training have many benefits that are unseen, but the fact is the Eye On Awareness® can increase your company’s reputation as a safe and secure environment for both guests and employees.

      Seeing suspicious activity and knowing WHAT TO DO is an important part of your staff's job. By training your staff how to react they have the knowledge and know what to do in case an emergency or an odd or dangerous situation arises. By reporting what they see, your staff can potentially save lives and help guests avoid injury as well as retain valuable possessions or personal information. Think of enhanced security as an added amenity that makes guests and staff feel safer. 

      Every day brings the possibility security breaches in your hotel or on areas of your property. Usually these involve theft or simple trespassing and room break-ins. Though infrequent, more serious crimes like human trafficking (criminal organizations using your hotel to stage transfers of people) or even full-blown terrorist attacks such as the Mumbai, India attacks in 2010, are not impossibilities. Training your staff to be alert and aware is a must in today’s hospitality and tourism world. 

      In summary, by purchasing the Eye On Awareness® security training program offered by the Educational Institute (EI), you can solve many problems preemptively by giving your employees and managers the proper tools to recognize potential threats before they become crimes. Awareness is the key to reducing the risk of criminal activity at your hotel or on your property. Also available in Spanish (Se habla Espanol).

      June, 2013

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