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      Hospitality Management Training Programs at the Educational Institute (EI)

      March, 2013

      Hospitality Management Training Programs at the Educational Institute (EI)

      If you own a hotel or are in the hospitality industry, you know the value of specially-trained staff and managers. Not only are they worth their weight in gold as far as adding value to the business, but a well-trained staff also keeps a watchful lookout for potential problems with guests and they tend to be more aware of safety and security concerns on your property. These advanced skills can substantially lower your liability and hedge risk factors associated with running a successful hotel and lodging business.

      Most hotel employees are usually friendly and personable but when things get busy, or the hotel is flooded with guests, the hectic atmosphere can make some employees flustered or anxious. A stressed-out staff is an underperforming staff and spells trouble for your business. However, a properly-trained employee is comfortable in high-pressure situations and has the skills necessary to handle even the most difficult guests. They know how to answer the phone properly. They know the correct protocol for each situation that may arise. As you know, hotels are a dynamic atmosphere where anything can happen on a daily basis (and usually does!) And, because personalities can mesh in a hotel workplace environment, it’s important to give your managers the right training they need to handle the diverse workforce that makes up the staff of the typical hotel or resort.

      Use the Supervisory Skill Builders Workbooks To Build Team Leadership Skills

      Every supervisor plays an important role in the training and effectiveness of hospitality and hotel staff. This carefully crafted guide contains nine workbooks to provide your supervisors with insight into the skills and competencies they will need to manage their time. Supervisors will gain the know-how to communicate effectively, motivate their employees, resolve workplace conflicts and gain the respect, trust and support from the people who work for them.
      The Nine topics areas are: Building your skills as a Supervisor, Conducting Orientation and Training, Leadership Skills and how to harness your "inner Leader", Handling Problems and Conflicts, Motivation and Team Building, Staffing and Scheduling, Improving Employee Performance, Effective Communication, Time Management and other useful tidbits are contained in the workbook. Click here to learn more and purchase the Supervisory Skill Builders Workbooks.

      Guest Service Gold® Training and Certification Program Can Turn Underachievers into “Rock Stars”

      Is your guest services department lacking the polish of your competitors? Does your staff lack the enthusiasm and confidence of well-trained guest relations professionals? With the Educational Institute’s Guest Service Gold® Training and Certification Program you can send a jolt of excellence through your hospitality and guest relations staff that will substantially affect the level of professionalism and dedication to excellence you desire from you employees. This comprehensive program is designed to re-orient line-level employees to be “guest focused” and can help provide your guests with a memorable experience at your hotel. Turn underperformers into guest service rock stars and save money by creating an atmosphere of “guest service excellence” that translates into repeat guests, fewer complaints from past guests and more revenue at the end of the day. Think of it as ‘guest service insurance’ to create a uniform training program that can add to your bottom line and give your guests an experience of customer service they will not soon forget. Great for hotels, but other industries can benefit from this training as well, such as amusement parks and attractions, restaurants, transport companies, retail stores, indeed ANY business that needs to keep an eye on customer satisfaction in today’s highly competitive business environment. Make your business stand out by having exceptional customer relations and high levels of customer satisfaction. Click here to learn more about the Guest Service Gold® Training and Certification program.

      AH&LA Members Save Big On Training Programs for Managers and Staff

      Many hotel and hospitality business owners are concerned about competition and customer satisfaction. By joining the AH&LA (American Hotel & Lodging Association) you join a community of industry leaders dedicated to excellence and gain access to resources and training materials at a discount. AH&LA membership also provides you with substantial opportunities to train and retrain your staff and gain specialized certifications within the field of hospitality management. These discounts allow you to save BIG TIME on training programs and certifications for your food and beverage managers, security officers, front desk personnel and virtually any aspect of your business with EI education materials and training resources. With distance learning and “virtual classroom” using the internet, many of the training programs can be set up in rooms on your property, which saves everyone time and travel expenses. With our textbooks, DVD’s and eLearning platforms you can give your hotel staff the valuable information that will make their jobs easier to execute and give you the confidence that your staff is the best they can be. The United States military uses EI programs and training for their service professionals, maybe you should too!

      To learn more about the benefits of AH&LA membership or to sign up click here.

      March, 2013

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