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      Hotel Management A 21st Century Road Map for Indian Hospitality Education

      May, 2013

      Hotel Management

      K.V. Simon, Regional Vice President-S&W Asia, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

      Having been a student of Indian hospitality education and hotel management for the past 45 years, I am constrained by love to suggest a set of points for the consideration of Industry, academia, policy makers, students and entrepreneurs in education. Recognition and acceptance of these points are critical to the development of human capital for Indian hospitality industry.

      Indian hospitality industry has evolved over time and is today an integral part of the overall service sectoral economic activity. This means time has come for the hospitality education to broad-base itself to cater to a number of services and allied areas which are fraternal to hospitality.

      • Recognize that hospitality education forms part of career education programs and therefore has to be well aligned with occupational demands in terms of quality, quantity and positional profile.
      • There is a strong need to develop all hospitality programs collaboratively with the sectoral industry, catering to all segments, sub segments as well as allied areas of hospitality services.
      • There is a need for diversity of programs with curriculum focus in areas consisting of - Hospitality Skills, Hospitality Operations and Hospitality Business. 
      • Liberalize hospitality education so that the industry and entrepreneurs would be attracted to invest in education.
      • Launch accreditation of hospitality programs at all levels so that the programs will enjoy academic credibility in addition to industry acceptance.
      • There should be multiple/plurality of autonomous accrediting agencies which have domain based expertise and are non-governmental.
      • Program design should offer opportunity for concentrations, specializations, etc. through electives, and optional choices with all courses and programs enjoying credit worthiness. Also programs to be built around a set of modular courses. Such a program structure will enable multi entry exit points, mobility, etc.
      • Introduce programs at High School level to whet the appetite of the youth and be a feeder for long term and specialized programs as well as for workforce development at entry levels.
      • Industry should streamline in-house learning and development programs leading to certifications which can be accredited for credit granting.
      • Create a selection system based on interest, aptitude, attitude, profile, compatibility, etc.
      • Create awareness, interest, opportunity, etc. in career, profession, industry, etc. through publicity and community involvement.
      • Create a national level hospitality educators cadre through a certification system.
      • Industry should make itself an employer of choice through contemporary and compatible HR policies and practices.
      • Knowledge creation and dissemination thru research, case studies, collaborative projects.
      • Multiple channels of learning and development delivery such as campus, work based, open, online etc.
      • Encourage creativity and innovation thru granting autonomy and funding.
      • Promote and foster global/ international collaborative and joint programs with global exposures.
      • Create national level research and scholarship fund and set awards and recognition programs.
      • Set up various professional forums and fraternities including a national level Industry-Academia-Media forum and a Hospitality Portal.

      The above list is not exhaustive, but only illustrative. The thought and intent here is to plan action with the future in mind. (note: To see Hotel Management programs available from the Educational Institute click here. To contact a Educational Institute representative in our India office click here.)

      We have lagged behind in the past; we have missed many an opportunity. And we do not want to impose regrets on ourselves. Lack of timely action leads to stunted growth.

      Where there is no vision the people perish. Will all the stakeholders in hospitality come together to create and sustain Indian hospitality to be globally número-uno in the 21st century?

      May, 2013 

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