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      Keep Training Certification Programs a Priority

      March, 2013

      Keep Training Certification Programs a Priority at EI

      There's an adage that states: "It takes money to make money." That's particularly true when it comes to training your employees. When faced with tough budgetary decisions, it may be tempting to reduce or eliminate training. But don't give in to that temptation.  Because all of the wi-fi connections, high-thread-count sheets, and designer amenities won't keep guests coming back to your property if your employees are not trained to deliver exceptional service. Training increases employee retention, which increases guest satisfaction, which increases profitability. And that's what you want in today's competitive economy. 

      Hospitality training expert John Hogan, CHA, MHS, CHE, has stated repeatedly, "When revenues are flat or declining, cutting ongoing training to 'save money' will really cost more, as it will drive the good staff to consider leaving and the loyal customers to the competition because it appears you don't care." 

      In fact, slow business times are perfect for ramping up your property's training. If your staff is not busy taking care of guests, they can take care of training that might have fallen by the wayside during peak times. Review processes and procedures, practice skills, and even engage in cross training to ensure that your employees can handle any situation they may encounter during their shift.

      Training doesn't have to be a budget-buster, either.  The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (EI) offers many cost-effective training options, including DVDs, professional certification, skills guides, and online learning solutions for every level of hospitality employee. EI's online learning management system even allows properties to development customized training courses to meet their property and brand needs and to present that training in an easily-accessible, budget-friendly format

      Everyone benefits when hospitality operations have effective training programs in place.

      Training benefits guests by:

      • Providing them with quality products and services
      • Ensuring consistency of their guest experience
      • Making their visit more pleasant
      • Making them feel like they're getting their money's worth

      Training benefits your property by:

      • Increasing productivity
      • Creating a better image
      • Building repeat business
      • Reducing costs
      • Reducing turnover
      • Attracting potential employees

      Training benefits managers by:

      • Making their job easier
      • Reducing complaints
      • Increasing the flexibility of their staff
      • Training benefits employees by:
      • Improving self-confidence and morale
      • Increasing motivation levels
      • Increasing job satisfaction

      Making training a priority is the logical business solution to keep turnover low and profits high. That's important in any economic climate.

      Training. Your employees want it. Your guests deserve it. Your bottom line demands it. And EI can help you deliver it. 

      March, 2013

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