Certified Hospitality Instructor (CHI)

Certified Hospitality Instructor (CHI)


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Price: $750.00

Reach the pinnacle of excellence in secondary school hospitality instruction. The Certified Hospitality Instructor (CHI)  program will enhance your hospitality knowledge and skills and sharpen your ability to convey the information to students so they may be better prepared for a career in the hospitality and tourism industry.

The CHI program will help you:

  • Enhance critical thinking skills
  • Apply course concepts to workplace experiences
  • Become more confident about the material you teach

You provide the crucial link between your students and the hospitality industry. Discover how to increase your impact in developing tomorrow's strongest hospitality leaders!

 The following details highlight updates and changes (copyright 2013):

  • Two-level format
  • Self-study online format, custom textbook and supporting materials for each level
  • Program fee is $750 for both levels. Includes all prep curriculum and certification fee.
  • Completion requirements include passing the Level 1 and Level 2 exams with a score of 70% or higher, plus completing a 120-hour internship.

    Who Should Participate?
    The CHI program is designed for individuals currently employed full-or part-time as a secondary school instructor teaching a hospitality curriculum, and for instructors in hospitality workforce training programs. This includes individuals that teach any one of these AHLEI hospitality programs, Hospitality and Tourism Program (HTMP), Lodging Management Program (LMP), or Skills, Tasks, And Result Training (START). No matter how much hospitality knowledge and experience you have, this program will help you excel in the classroom.

    About AHLEI's High School Program
    The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program (HTMP)  is an advanced, high school curriculum that immerses the student into the world of hospitality and tourism. This two year program will introduce students to the lodging industry and teach them the management principles that will enable them to achieve success in a hospitality leadership role. Completing this program will open many doors of opportunity and set the students on an exciting career path. The program includes an internationally recognized certification, created especially for the HTMP curriculum.

    Candidates for the CHI should:

    • Hold an academic degree
    • Be currently employed full-or part-time as a secondary school instructor teaching a hospitality curriculum, or teach a hospitality workforce training program; or be teaching one of AHLEI's hospitality programs, to include: Hospitality and Tourism Management Program (HTMP), Lodging Management Program (LMP), or Skills, Tasks, And Results Training (START).

    To successfully earn the CHI, a candidate must complete the following requirements:

    • Successfully complete Level 1 and Level 2 of the CHI self-study materials
    • Pass Level 1 and Level 2 exams with a score of 70% or higher
    • Complete 120 hours of internship with a hospitality organization
    • Be currently employed as a secondary school hospitality instructor or workforce program hospitality instructor


    Download Certified Hospitality Instructor (CHI) application form (PDF format)

    Submit the following: 

    • Completed CHI application form
    • Employment verification form (signed by your immediate supervisor)
    • Payment


    Download CHI Internship Verification form  (PDF format)

    Submit this form as proof of completion of the CHI's 120-hour internship requirement. This form is also included with the study materials that you receive upon acceptance as a CHI candidate.  


    Earning the CHI signifies that the recipient has mastered the subject matter necessary to teach the essential hospitality knowledge and skills in the classroom. 

    Resources materials include two custom books, one each for Level 1 and Level 2, and online courses for Level 1 and Level 2.  There are 15 hours of online content for Level 1 and 10 hours of online content for Level 2.  

    Content for the Level 1 and Level 2 material includes:

    Level 1
    Unit 1 Introduction to Hospitality and Guest Service
    Service Makes the Difference 
    Exploring Hospitality Careers 
    Hotel Organization and Management 

    Unit 2 Operations
    Front Office Operations 
    Planning and Organizing the Housekeeping Department 
    The Role, Cost, and Management of Hospitality Facilities 
    Food and Beverage Operations 
    Facility Design, Décor, and Cleaning 
    Sanitation, Safety, Security, Health, and Legal Issues

    Unit 3 Finance
    The Front Office Audit 
    Revenue Management 
    Controlling Expenses 
    Labor and Revenue Control 

    Level 2
    Unit 1 Leadership
    The Changing Nature of Leadership and Management 
    The Challenge of Diversity 
    Goal-Setting, Coaching, and Conflict Management Skills 

    Unit 2 Human Resources
    Employment Laws and Applications 
    Compensation Administration 
    Incentive and Benefits Administration 

    Unit 3 Sales and Marketing
    Introduction to Hospitality Sales and Marketing 
    The Marketing Plan 
    Advertising, Public Relations, and Publicity 
    Marketing to Special Segments 

    Unit 4 Safety and Security
    Security in the Lodging Industry 
    Safety and Security Systems 
    Emergency Management and Media Relations

    The CHI has two exams, one each for Level 1 and Level 2.  CHI candidates must pass each exam with a score of 70% or higher.

    The exams are delivered online-there is no paper-based option at this time.


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