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      CHA® Network Supports Certification Candidates through New Mentoring Program

      Certified Hotel Administrator

      Hotel general managers and executives who want some extra support as they prepare for the Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA®) exam can find it through a new CHA® Mentoring Program being offered by EI and the CHA® Network on LinkedIn.

      The three-year-old CHA® Network on LinkedIn has 650+ members and represents a good slice of the hospitality industry worldwide, according to Bob Walasiak, CHA, vice president of Chicago-based Peacock Hospitality, who founded the group.

      "The CHA® Network is a forum where CHAs can converse with others who have the same experience, ask questions, and share insights," said Walasiak. "One question we have asked ourselves as a group is how we can help the CHA® designation grow. The response was 'pass on our experience going through the CHA® program and share our knowledge.'  The goal of the group is to help the next generation of CHAs and what better way to help than to mentor a hotel manager who wants to achieve his or her CHA®." 

      Walasiak noted that when he earned the CHA® in the 1980s, it was something people did on their own. And while people think it's easy, many don't pass the CHA® exam the first time, and may not try again. A mentor can provide additional encouragement, support, and guidance through the certification process.

      "The CHA® mentoring program matches an applicant with a current CHA® and gives them someone they can turn to," Walasiak explained. "The mentor helps to evaluate the candidate by reviewing the key areas of expertise covered in the exam and providing assistance or directing the candidate to resources where they can get help in boosting their knowledge." 

      So far, more than 50 members of the CHA® Network have volunteered to serve as mentors worldwide.  EI's certification team informs candidates that mentoring is available, and candidates and mentors are matched geographically so they can meet in person if they so desire.
       The CHA® candidate sets the schedule for the level of mentor involvement. The applicant is responsible for an honest assessment of what he or she needs and the mentor is responsible for providing the requested assistance. If the candidate does not pass, EI provides the mentor with information on the areas of poor scores to help them prepare their candidate for a retest.  In return for their assistance, CHA® mentors receive two points toward their recertification point total. 

      For additional information on the CHA® Mentoring Program, contact EI's professional certification department at 888-575-8726 or +1. 407-99-8100, or email certification@ahla.com

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