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      EI Played Role in Staff Development Efforts at Opryland Hotel

      Dr. Marc Clark, CHE

      Dr. Marc Clark, CHA, president and CEO of M. Douglas Clark & Associates and one of EI’s Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) instructors, shared these thoughts on the occasion of EI’s 60th anniversary

      60 years in a leadership position is quite an accomplishment for any organization. I first became aware of the Educational Institute while holding the position of Director of Training for the Opryland Hotel, located in Nashville, Tennessee back in 1985.  Jack Vaughn, then general manager and industry icon, was a visionary and strong supporter of staff development and the educational resources available through the Institute.

      We achieved two remarkable accomplishments with the support of EI's staff and resources:

      Opryland Hotel was the first hotel/convention property to hold more than 20 professional certifications at a single location at the same time (CHA’s, CHRE’s, CRDE’s, CFBE’s, CHHE’s, etc.) and the hotel established the largest EI Chapter (in size of membership and community participation) in the country.

      Personally, I’m proud to be a CHA-3 Diamond.  The Institute has had a powerful influence on my personal and professional growth over the past three decades and is a wonderful organization to be associated with.

      Congratulations, EI administration and staff personnel, for your commitment to enhancing education and the level of professionalism you bring to the industry.  Hats off to your 60-year celebration!

      Published Feb. 2013

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