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      Navy Lodge Sets Certification Record in 2012

      Francine Faison, CLM, CHS, Navy Lodge Regional Manager, shared the exciting news about Navy Lodge's record-setting year in hospitality certification-459 certifications in 2012. "This has never happened in the history of the Navy Lodge Program," she said.

      Here is the breakdown of EI certifications completed in 2012:

      • 5 Certified Hospitality Trainers
      • 5 Certified Guest Service Professionals
      • 10 Certified Hospitality Supervisors
      • 48 Front Desk Representatives
      • 94 Certified Guestroom Attendants
      • 81 Certified Guest Room Attendants
      • 31 Certified PBX Operators
      • 44 Certified Reservationists
      • 24 Certified Concierges
      • 77 Certified Public Space Cleaners
      • 34 Certified Maintenance Employees
      • 4 Certified Lodging Managers
      • 2 Certified Hotel Administrators

      "We currently have 422 line level associates certified out of 842 total associates in the Navy Lodge Program, which means that 50 percent of all Navy Lodge associates are currently certified in 2012," Faison reported. "We also had six Navy Lodge general managers achieve a CHA or CLM in 2012. This means that 31 percent of all general managers are currently certified as a CLM or CHA."

      Navy Lodge has been partners with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute since 1994, in which time they have certified thousand of associates and managers.  As hospitality business partners for the past 19 years, Navy Lodges have earned 34 Silver Pineapples, 35 Bronze Pineapples, 16 Golden Pineapples, and six Meritorious Awards.

      Published Jan. 2013

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