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      Hotels Association Tanzania Chooses EI as Member Benefit

      Orlando, Florida, August 2011-The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (EI) recently signed an agreement with the Hotels Association Tanzania (HAT) to make the Educational Institute's education and training materials a benefit of membership in the association. HAT is a membership-based, nonprofit organization that serves the hotel community in Tanzania, currently representing 80 hotels and lodges in that country.

      Lidwien Appels, CEO of the association, cited EI's years of experience in educating hospitality staff and Tanzania's lack of proper hospitality education as a key factor in the decision to work with EI.

      "The unskilled labor force is a major hurdle for any development in any industry in Tanzania, and as ours is mainly based on human capital, one can only imagine what a challenge the tourism industry is facing. Each entity is battling to train its own staff. There is duplication of efforts, a lot of time and resources wasted, resulting in a workforce that has no recognized formal education," Appels explained. "With EI's programs and ultimately with the Train-the-Trainer Program, we can develop both educators/trainers and staff and provide them with certificates that are recognized not only in Tanzania, but globally too!"

      "EI is committed to providing the very best educational and training materials and services available to our industry around the world," said EI president and COO Robert L. Steele III, CHA. "EI is honored to contribute to the Hotels Association Tanzania's efforts in making Tanzania a prime destination in Africa. With major tourist attractions such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain, and Serengeti National Park, among others, Tanzania certainly has the potential to achieve this objective."

      About the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
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