Sexual Harassment Prevention Hospitality Industry Employees – English

Sexual Harassment Prevention Hospitality Industry Employees – English


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The Employee edition of Sexual Harassment Prevention for the Hospitality Industry is an interactive program designed specifically for employees working in hotels, lodging and tourism. It provides employees with facts about what sexual harassment is (and isn't), how to report it, and why a harassment-free workplace is every employee's right. Hospitality-industry examples describe a variety of sexual harassment scenarios and the impact they can have on individuals and the work environment.  Developed in compliance with EEOC guidelines, the program takes a frank and modern approach to addressing and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.  

Language: English
5 Modules | 30 minutes

This course will help you:

  • Define sexual harassment and the two forms it can take.
  • Understand the harmful impact sexual harassment can have on victims, businesses, and those who harass.
  • Recognize conduct that's appropriate, and not appropriate, for work.
  • Understand when and how to report sexual harassment.

The program is also available in Spanish

Interested in a solution for your whole team? Contact sales@ahlei.org for volume pricing.

New York State Supplement: 

This course is compliant in the State of New York.  If you are an employee in the state of New York, download this supplement to the course with details specific to your state including a sample sexual harassment prevention policy and information from the New York State Model Sexual Harassment Policy website.  Download Now

How long is the course?
Employee is about 30 mins
Manager is about 60 mins

What is the difference between the manager course and the employee course?
The Employee course is 5 modules focusing on recognizing and reporting sexual harassment whether it happens to you or someone else (bystander training.) The Manager course includes the first 5 modules from the Employee section and includes an additional 4 modules. This content focuses on liability, investigating claims of sexual harassment and creating a harassment free workplace and a positive, inclusive culture. 

What languages are available?
English and Spanish
Customers who purchase individual courses must choose the language when the purchase.

Does the course have closed captioning/subtitles?
Yes, users can turn captions on and off using a button on the bottom of the course interface.

How do I purchase a course? How do I purchase the course for my entire staff?
To purchase a course for yourself or for your staff, go to www.ahlei.org/ServSafe-Workplace .
For larger volumes (10 or more) or to learn more, contact your sales representative.

How much does it cost?
$30 for Manager, $22 for Employee.
For licensing and enterprise pricing, please contact your sales representative.

Why did ServSafe create this course?
The National Restaurant Association is committed to advancing the positive culture of the foodservice and hospitality industries. The risk of sexual harassment is particularly high in hospitality and is harmful to both the industry and the professionals who working in restaurants and hotels and must be prevented. We looked at what was out there for sexual harassment prevention training and realized that a lot of programs were industry agnostic and most of them fairly cheesy and dated. We wanted to create something from the ground up, specifically for our unique industry that would result in real cultural change.  The entire program was built specifically for the unique industry that we serve and represent and are committed to protect.

Is there a demo?
Demo courses are available through your representative.
For a glimpse of the course, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6m_kRr-ZFo

Is there a print version of this course?
No, this course is 100% digital

Is there an exam?
No, this is training only. However, there are a series of interactive knowledge checks throughout that a learner will need to do in order to complete the course.

Do I receive a certificate of completion?
There is not a certificate to indicate completion.

Is this course accredited?
Not currently.

Does this course comply with laws in my state?
This course complies with all current federal and legislation. (Not including California, Connecticut and Maine. State specific courses are already in development for California and Connecticut and will be available soon. 
The course meets all standards for New York with the addition of a supplemental resource being developed (ready October 1) that will include details on state specific laws. 

Do I receive a discount as a member of AHLA?
The AHLA discount for members is 20%. There are no dual discounts for both volume and membership

Can I load this course on my LMS?

What will I learn in this course?
EMPLOYEE: Define sexual harassment and the two forms it can take. Understand the harmful impact sexual harassment can have on victims, businesses, and those who harass. Recognize conduct that's appropriate, and not appropriate, for work. Understand when and how to report sexual harassment. 
MANAGER: All of the above, plus... Recognize employer and manager liability for reporting and addressing sexual harassment. Learn how to create a harassment-free culture in the workplace. Understand how to investigate sexual harassment claims in the workplace.

What are the technical requirements to run this course?
SCORM 1.2 compatible
Minimum System Requirements: We recommend a 600 MHz computer with 128 MB of RAM or better.
The following browsers are supported: Firefox 25+ on Windows 7+ and Mac OSXInternet Explorer 9+ on Windows 7+Chrome 25+ on Windows 7+
Whitelist IP address for AHLEI LMS is "

Do I receive credit (CEUs) for this webinar?

Does this course require a book or any other materials?
No, the entire course is made available online.

Does this course expire at a specific time after purchase?
Once the code is purchased, a user will have one year from the time of purchase to activate the code/start the course before it expires.

What is the code term length (once redeemed)?
Once a code is activated/a course started, the user will have 60 days to complete the course. Upon completion, the user will not be able to relaunch the course.


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