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    • Customized Textbooks

      Create your own book to fit your course!

      EI’s Customized Textbook option enables you to build the perfect textbook using chapters from EI’s hospitality management textbooks, your course syllabus, class handouts, project descriptions, and other unpublished or non-copyrighted materials you would like to include. It’s easy!

      What’s the difference between a Customized Textbook and a regular textbook?

      Customized Textbooks are made to your specifications so they cover exactly what you want to teach. We use your choice of chapters from the Educational Institute's extensive Customized Textbook Menu, as well as your course syllabus, class handouts, project descriptions, and any other unpublished materials you would like to include. You can build your course around your needs-instead of around someone else's text.

      I’m not very familiar with EI resources. How can I determine the best materials for my needs?

      Just ask for assistance! We’ll be happy to suggest which EI chapters best fit your course. If you have an idea of what you would like to include in your Customized Textbooks, we’ll help you with the details. Let us know what your course covers and we’ll develop a list of recommended chapters for your approval.

      What will my textbook look like?

      Each Customized Textbook is professionally bound. The cover includes your course number, semester/quarter, the name of the course instructors, your school’s name, and your department’s name. The inside pages feature graphics, photos, and diagrams. You decide the sequence of chapters. Distinctive dividers separate chapters. Each chapter is individually numbered, beginning with page one, and cross-references to other sections of the text from which the material is taken are deleted.

      Is there a minimum or maximum number of chapters I can use?

      There are no limits. You can create a small supplement with just two chapters. Or if you require a large number of chapters on a broad ranger of topics, we can produce a multiple-volume set.

      For a complete listing of available chapters, please download EI's Customized Textbook Catalog.