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    • Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® Online

      The four-hour Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® (CARE) online program provides flexible, self-paced training to prepare employees for handling the challenges of responsible alcohol service.

      This interactive online program features audio/video, learning activities and review questions. 

      Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively 
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      Servers will learn how to:

      • Effectively monitor and control guests’ alcohol consumption
      • Tactfully intervene before problems arise
      • Carry out their establishment’s ID-checking policies and spot fake or altered identifications
      • Handle minors according to their operation’s policies
      • Describe the physical effects of alcohol
      • Explain the laws regarding alcohol service and how they affect their work

      CARE® Online Includes:

      • Seven (7) content modules
      • Introduction 
      • Alcohol Service and the Law 
      • Checking Identification 
      • Alcohol and Its Physical Impact
      • Intervention 
      • State Laws 
      • Summary
      • Glossary of terms
        • CARE® Pocket Guide (PDF format)
        • State laws document (PDF format)
        • Module quizzes for learning application
        • Proctored final exam
        • Certificate of Completion for servers who pass the final exam

        The CARE Online program is not available in the following states: Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Washington.

        For more information, quantity discounts, and to order call 800.344.4381 or +1.517.318.2368 or email Vickie Loomis at vloomis@ahla.com.

        CARE Online Price Chart

        # Units AH&LA Member Nonmember 

        1 – 9



        10 – 49



        50 – 99



        100 – 249



        250 – 499



        500 – more

        Call for pricing

        CARE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        • I finished my CARE course, but I do not see an exam that is available for me to take. What do I do? 

          There are two types of CARE courses. One has an exam, and the other does not. If your course has an exam, it will appear in your course list once you have completed the CARE course. Ask your supervisor which course you are taking if you are not sure.

        • How do I take the CARE final exam? 

          In order to take the first exam, click on "Post-Test" under "Overview". To log into the exam, enter your user password and have your proctor enter their username and password. (The proctor is usually the training manager or HR manager).

        • How do I retake the exam if I fail my first attempt? 

          In order to take the second exam, repeat the process above. Even though there is a second "Post-Test", the user still clicks the same "Post-Test" as they did for the first exam.

        • How do I retake the exam for the third time? 

          In order to take a third exam, please contact the Educational Institute at the contact information located below.