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    • Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® for Servers

      This one-day Seminar/Workshop, Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® (CARE) prepares servers with the proper knowledge of how to handle the challenges of responsible alcohol service.  

      Servers will learn to:

      • Effectively monitor and control guests' alcohol consumption
      • Tactfully intervene before problems arise
      • Carry out their establishment's ID-checking policies and spot false identification
      • Handle minors according to their operation's specific policies 
      • Understand the laws in their state specifically and how they affect their procedures

      Completely updated, the revised CARE program includes these expanded features:

      • NEW section on lodging-specif alcohol sales, including in-room dining service, mini-bars, retail outlets/gift shops and banquets/special events
      • NEW content on energy drinks and illegal drugs
      • UPDATED ID checking guide
      • NEW content throughout on tobacco sales
      • MERGED hotel and gaming versions
      • NEW easy-to-use instructor's guide format
      • NEW training DVD to reinforce key concepts

      The Educational Institute graded final exam offers proof of training for individuals that successfully pass the CARE exam with a score of 84% or higher with the CARE Training Verification Card. 

      The CARE program includes everything a hospitality trainer needs to conduct an effective one-day workshop. The participant materials help employees better visualize training concepts, while the video provides specific training examples.

      Preview Video

      Manager/Trainer Materials 

      • Instructor's Guide
      • Sample Server's Manual
      • Server training video (DVD format)
      • Pocket Guide

      Item ID - 06990ISE04ENGE - Seminar Kit with DVD 
      $325.95. AH&LA Members: $275.95

      Participant Materials 

      • One Server's Manual
      • One Pocket Guide
      • Exam

      Item ID - 06990SGP04ENGE 
      $29.95. AH&LA Members: $25.95

      Exam Packet (Refills) 

      • One Pocket Guide
      • Exam

      Item ID - 06990WKP04ENGE 
      $20.95. AH&LA Members: $16.95


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