CourseLine® is a customizable mix of online training products from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI); the same high quality educational materials that hospitality schools have celebrated worldwide. CourseLine® offers convenience, affordability, and your choice of courses available in seven areas of specialization. Course material is organized into a set of core competencies for each topic area developed by subject matter experts. A combination of key terms, web links, case studies, exhibits, interactive activities, and quizzes help reinforce the material covered in each competency.  

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  • Content from hospitality management textbooks published by the Educational Institute are delivered in digital format
  • Review quizzes and final exams are taken online with immediate feedback
  • Online discussion groups are available by topic area

CourseLine® allows you to compete for management positions. From single courses to the Hospitality Management Diploma, you can get the hospitality-specific education and training that the industry demands and receive all these advantages of online learning:

  • Earn world-recognized certificates from the American Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Continue to work while you take courses
  • Learn on your own time as your schedule permits
  • Save the time and expense of traveling to class
  • Select the specific course or curriculum that interests you
  • Use materials that are easy to read and understand - all developed by practicing industry experts and hospitality educators

1. When I try to go to the website, my browser says that the web page cannot be found. What do I do?

    A: Check your internet connection then check the web address and make sure that it matches the link below or copy and paste this address into your web browser, https://courseline.ahlei.org .

2. What do I do if I forgot my password?

    A: Use the password reset tool by clicking the link that says "Forgot User Name or Password". It is located directly below the login button. Once you have completed the process, an email will be sent to the email address in your profile.

3. Why am I not receiving emails?

    A: Make sure that you check your spam folder to see if the email landed in that folder. Also, the email will be sent to whatever email is on your profile, so be sure to check the inbox for that email. If you are still not receiving emails, ask your supervisor to update it. If they cannot, please call the help desk at 877-767-1543 or email helpdesk@ahlei.org.

4. What is a Keycode?

    A: Keycodes are used when creating accounts to enroll users in classes. If you already have a profile, you can use a Keycode to enroll in additional classes; once logged onto CourseLine. If you do not have a profile ask your trainer for your property Keycode then click the "New User Registration" link to begin your registration process.

5. What version of Flash should I have?

    A: You should have the most recent version of the Flash Player. To download the most recent Flash Player, click the following link, http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ . Make sure to uncheck the option to download the Free Google Toolbar.

6. How do I launch a course inside CourseLine®?

    A: Navigate to your course, click launch, and then click a module in the table of contents. The course will launch in a separate window so it is important that you disable any pop-up blockers.

7. I have taken a course, but the system shows the course as being "active." What should I do?

    A: In order for the course to register as "completed", you must finish the entire course and pass the associated quiz. In some courses you may also have to click the "Mark as Completed" button.

8. How do I access my training history in CourseLine®?

    A: To view your training history, navigate to "My Transcript" and your history will be displayed. The merge of user progress from the old Learning Management System is complete. This information is archived and we are currently working on completing the migration.

9. How do I take a Final Exam?

    A: In order to take the Final Exam, you must complete and pass the course. Once the course is completed, the Final Exam will appear in the main menu. Click the launch button, then click post-test, enter your password, and have the proctor enter their user name and password. NOTE: The proctor is usually your HR Manager, General Manager, or Supervisor.

10. How do I update my profile in CourseLine®?

    A: To update your profile, click "My Profile" on the menu on the left side. Remember that your profile information must be correct to get information on updates and system notifications.

11. What is the difference between completed courses and my transcript?

    A: Completed courses on the Avatar LMS will only include courses that have not been reset to "active" status by a supervisor or a system administrator at the help desk. A transcript is a list of all of the courses that you have completed in EI's Learning Management System.

CourseLine® Reports (Supervisors Only)

11. What is an Enrolled List and how is it similar / different from a Participant List?

    A: An Enrolled List shows what participants are enrolled in, and a Participants list shows all participants from properties that you are associated with.

12. How do I view quiz/exam results?

    • Exam Results (All exam results)
    • Exam by Participant (Failed results only)
    • Exam by Participant (Passed results only)

To run a quiz report, follow the same steps as listed above, but navigate to one of the following reports instead of Exam Reports

    • Quiz Results by Participant
    • User Progress Supervisor Level Report

13. How do view a Progress Report?

    • Property Course Progress Report
    • User Progress Supervisor Level Report

14. How do I view a Training History Report?

    • Historical Transcripts
    • Historical Transcripts by Class
    • Historical Transcripts by Participant

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