CyberCinema® provides access to AHLEI's video library covering various hospitality areas. AHLEI videos provide information for new hospitality industry employees as well as those who want to increase their skills or learn more about another area of hospitality.

Once registered, users have access to CyberCinema® 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Videos can be accessed at a time and place that's convenient and can be stopped and restarted as needed.

AHLEI videos are available in a number of formats from the wordless World Trainer: Guestroom & Bathroom Cleaning, which uses icons to teach key concepts, to the Supervisory Skill Builder series, which uses demonstration scenarios to cover leadership skills such as effective communication, scheduling and time management. Some titles are also available in Spanish.

AHLEI offers flexible pricing on CyberCinema® packages, based on the number of video titles purchased. CyberCinema® is designed to be used by groups and organizations only; it may not be purchased by individuals.


For complete details, please contact:
Academic Sales
1 800 344 4381 or +1 517 372 8800

Lodging Industry Sales
1 800 349 0299 or +1 407 999 8100

  • 10-Minute Trainer: Housekeeping*
  • Courtesy Rules! Better Telephone Skills Now*
  • Enabling Independence: Service for Guests with Disabilities*
  • Front Desk First Impressions*
  • Housekeeping: The Deep Cleaning Process*
  • Housekeeping: Laundry Operations*
  • Housekeeping: Quality Guestroom Cleaning*
  • Lodging Safetyworks*
  • Preventive Guestroom Maintenance*
  • Restaurant Server
  • Stay Safe: Awareness Training for Housekeepers*
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: Conducting Orientation and Training Supervisor
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: Effective Communication Supervisor
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: Handling Problems and Conflict Supervisor
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: Improving Employee Performance
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: Leadership
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: Motivation and Team Building
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: Staffing and Scheduling
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: Time Management
  • Supervisory Skill Builders: You as a Supervisor
  • World Trainer: Guestroom and Bathroom Cleaning
*Titles available in Spanish

1. What is the difference between courses shown with VIDEO_W or VIDEO_C in the title? 

    A: VIDEO_Ws are videos with embedded quizzes that can be viewed and completed only once. When a participant has completed the quiz, the system will provide a score, allowing trackable results. VIDEO_Cs are meant solely for training, with no quiz, and can be viewed repeatedly.

2. What type of bandwidth should I select when I launch my course?

    A:  Typically, a participant should select the high bandwidth option unless they are using a very slow internet connection (i.e. dial-up).

3. When I take a quiz, some of the question numbers at the bottom of the screen are glowing red. Why is this? 

    A:  When the participant has answered a question, the number at the bottom of the screen will glow red to indicate that an answer has been chosen for the corresponding question.

4. For a VIDEO_W video, Is it possible for me to retake my quiz?

    A:   Once a participant takes the quiz, he or she will be locked out and must ask their administrator for a reset. If the administrator approves, the administrator will contact the Help Desk to reset the video and quiz.

5. My property's administrator has made changes, but I do not see them. What do I do? 

    A:  Make sure that you have clicked the refresh button in your web browser if changes are made by the Help Desk or a Supervisor (i.e. adding a course).


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