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        Food and Beverage - Bussing and Dishwashing (Bilingual)

        Food and Beverage - Bussing and Dishwashing (Bilingual)


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        Bussers and dishwashers are in the unique position of literally touching each service item a guest sees, from the tableware, glassware, and dishes to the chairs and tables they eat on. Train these valuable team members with Sunrise Bussing and Dishwashing.

        Starting with the important concepts of personal hygiene and presentation, this program presents essential job skills necessary for a safe, efficient bussing and dishwashing operation. In addition, the program includes a comprehensive segment on one of your most important guest satisfaction tasks: cleaning the public restrooms.

        Program includes an English/Spanish DVD, Trainer's English CD-ROM featuring content overviews, training exercises, checklists, worksheets, a "Quick Quiz" assessment tool, and Certificates of Completion.

        Also available in: English only

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